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Services At CHERISH

Street children need to be given a stable environment that helps them build trust & confidence. If possible & appropriate, they should be reunited with their families In the case of child workers, the conditions that led their families to put them to work must be alleviated Increased commercialization of education and government failure must be counter acted by Good Samaritans


for Childrens

The educational needs of Children at CHERISH are unique, in this sense that some of the children did not have any formal schooling while others dropped out of school at different levels. The dynamics of them are complex, especially with regard to provision of formal education. To address the specific educational challenges of them it is not based on an easy and quick solution. It will need a “well-planned, holistic and inter-sectorialapproach” in order to be effective.


Live and Let Live

We the CHERISH have full-time shelters both for boys and girls separately, a humble four-room live-play-study-eat space for girls and two-room live-play-study-eat space for boys in Rajendranagar and Langar house of Hyderabad city. All the children have different stories, but they all come from extremely impoverished backgrounds. Some have lived on the streets while others were born in cramped slums. Often, the family is too poor to take care of them and has to make the difficult decision to leave them at the shelter. Life at the shelter is busy. The children all go to school six days a week to different schoolsand the children who are sick will stay at shelter that means there is life at the shelter all the time. When they're not at school, the kids alternate cooking duties, making rice and dal (lentil soup) on a daily basis. (They like to joke that the simple, daily meal is the shelter's specialty!) They play lots of Kabaddi and khokho

Sports and Games

for Childrens

CHERISH emphasizes on activity based learning to make the kids independent. • Playing recreational and fun games with the children, while introducing them to new lessons. • Make them aware and imbibe some good habits in the children, such as, cleanliness, hygiene and greetings. • You can plan a trip with the children to a museum or zoo in Hyderabad. Such educational trips are very useful for the children where they love spending time and playing with the volunteers. • Participants should provide love, care, basic literacy, recreation and most importantly spend time and shower affection on them.

Child Protection

for Childrens

Cherish is committed to actively safeguard the children especially girl child from harm and ensuring children’s right to protection are fully realized. We take seriously our responsibilities to promote child safe practices and protect children from harm, abuse, neglect and exploitation in any form. In addition, we will take positive action and works to protect children from different kinds of harms.Our decisions and actions in response to child protection concerns will be guided by the principle of “the best interests of the child”.

Health & Nutrition

Providing Good Food

As the children on streets live in insanitary conditions and are prone to various infections and diseases. Therefore CHERISH, go with regular medical check-ups through the government and private hospitals for the children and are done at the full care residential centres and contact points. Individual health cards are maintained for each child.Wheneverrequired, pathological tests are conducted as per the recommendation of the doctors. We have full time volunteer doctors with us solely for this purpose. Apart from that we also invite external doctors or get our children treated by specialists at hospitals. In addition health camps are organised. To meet the nutritional needs of children at CHERISH nutritionally balanced and hot-cooked meals are served at residential centres to eat with a very basic diet of rice, vegetables and lentils every day with a few alternatives thrown in on occasion.The meals are prepared in the kitchen space provided at the centre under the supervision of staff members to ensure safe and hygienic practices.We would like to start a daily fruit program for them to have an afternoon snack in between a long stretch from lunch at 12.30 pm and dinner at 7 pm. Adding more fruits will also help with their vitamin deficiencies. In some cases children have special nutritional requirements due to illness such as fever and malnutrition. Such children are provided with special nutrition including protein supplements, additional servings of fruits and milk as prescribed by the doctor. Your help in bringing these essentials to the kids would be greatly appreciated!